Double Beam EOT Crane

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Product Details:
Max Height60-80 feet, 40-60 feet, 0-20 feet, 20-40 feet
Span20-30 m, 30-40 m, 10-20 m, 1-10 m
Hoist Travelling Speed0-5 m/min, 5-10 m/min, 10-15 m/min, 15-20 m/min
Size (Feet)Standard
Corrosion ResistanceYes

Crane bridge girders are of plate boxtype / standard rolled steel joist / compound beams / Castillated / Lattice Construction. All the main butt-weld joints of the web are strong and rigid structure, thus 100% reliability of welded joints is ensured. The material of construction conforms to IS:2062 1992.


Totally enclosed oil immersed reduction gears of rugged wide faced helical and spur gears that are precision machine cut form special alloy steel forging through hobbing machine. Gears and pinions are supported on antifriction ball/roller bearing to protect gear train from shock loads.


Long travel wheels are straight treaded double flanged forged steel wheels. Wheels are supported on antifriction ball or double row self aligned spherical roller bearings in special blocks of 'L' type design ('L' type bearings) for easy maintenance. Wheels of gear and pinion type also available.