Heavy Duty Industrial Cranes

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Product Details:
Capacity(tons)10-15 ton, 5-10 ton, 20-25 ton, 15-20 ton, 0-5 ton
Max Height80-100 feet, 40-60 feet, 20-40 feet, 60-80 feet, 0-20 feet
EnvironmentOutdoor, Indoor, Underground

Tech Mech cranes' are designed for various class of duties:-

CLASS - I : LIGHT DUTY Cranes for maintenance, warehouse and assembly operations. 
CLASS - II : MEDIUM DUTY Cranes for general engineering application and Machine shop.
CLASS - III : HEAVY DUTY Cranes for Heavy machine shops, paper mills, Fabrication shop, etc.
CLASS - IV : EXTRA HEAVY DUTY Cranes for continuous operation in Steel mills and other Heavy Engineering purpose. Cranes for Out door duty is also designed specially.