Industrial EOT Cranes

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Product Details:
Max Height20-40 feet, 0-20 feet, 40-60 feet, 60-80 feet
Span1-10 m, 30-40 m, 20-30 m, 10-20 m
Hoist Travelling Speed0-5 m/min, 10-15 m/min, 15-20 m/min, 5-10 m/min
Size (Feet)Standard
Corrosion ResistanceYes
'Tech Mech Cranes' are individually designed to suit customers specifications. All the relevant details are studied exhaustively before designing the cranes. Proper stress analysis are made for optimum design ensuring minimum crane structural weight, wheel loads Headroom and clearances thus reducing the building cost. Most modern computer aided designing (CAD) ensures availability of design information faster. "TechMech" cranes are available upto 200.0 tons.