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If you are in the market for electric winch suppliers in India, Techmech Cranes is a perfect choice. Here’s why:

  • Founded in 2011 by a team of experts and visionaries
  • Already established their brand name well within a decade of incorporation
  • Offers a wide range of standardised products along with scope for customisation
  • Adheres to multiple in-house quality parameters along with customer-mandated checks.
  • World-class customer service and ability to work with clients right from the scratch

An electric winch is a motorised device used to lift, pull, and position loads. It is usually mounted on vehicles' front or rear end and is mainly used for towing applications, especially in landscaping, telecommunication, and power industries. It is particularly useful when users need a higher degree of control in the overall task. It is also used heavily in the transportation industry particularly for towing vehicles when they have a breakdown or if it goes off-road. They come in various shapes and sizes based on the application. It usually includes a two-speed engine, a cable attached to a spool which is attached to the motor. A gear lever is used to release the cable.

Techmech Cranes is an industry-leading electric winch supplier in India along with an array of high-quality cranes and allied products. Its offerings include EOT cranes, goliath cranes, hydel gate hoists, jib cranes, turntables, HOT cranes and electric hoists among others. Despite having acquired numerous accolades and having perfected our capabilities over the years, we take pride in being the first choice for many of our esteemed clients such as BEVCON, Essar, HMT, Usha, Toshiba, L&T, and NCL Group among others. Here at Techmech Cranes, our reputation as a leading electric winch supplier in India is cemented by our passion, drive, and commitment to the craft which shows in our effort and our world-class products which come for a very compelling price.

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TechMech Cranes have a strong tradition of being designed and built to provide reliable material handling solutions for our valued domestic and international customers.

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