Techmechcranes is a Jib crane manufacturers in India .The term “Jib Crane” covers a design of cranes that has a rotating boom attached to a mast which is held in a vertical position by floor and ceiling mounting or by wall bracket mounting. However, the most widely used design is the self-supported type at the base. By handling material to and from machine tools, forging presses and other production machines, Jib Cranes relieves congestion and increases productivity with a relatively small investment. These cranes relieve the overhead crane of much work and reduce waiting time.

What is a jib in manufacturing

In Material Handling , a jib typically refers to a type of lifting device used to move heavy objects within a limited range of motion. It is a common piece of equipment in various industries, such as construction, warehouses, factories, and workshops

Jibs are particularly useful when handling materials or goods in a specific area where a crane's mobility is unnecessary or impractical

“TechMech Cranes” range of Jib Cranes (upto 5.0 Ton Capacity & 8.0 mtr. Jib Radius) consists of the following:


This self-supported Jib Crane is designed for base plate mounting on a concrete foundation and has 360° rotation.


This variant is designed for wall / RCC Column bracket mounting and has 200° maximum rotation. It covers the area near the bracket mounting without obstruction at floor level.


Covers the lengthwise area near the building columns without obstruction at floor level. It requires a special design for columns. These cranes do not rotate but travel on runway tracks suspended along building/shed columns.

All the three motions (hoisting, trolley travel and rotation) may be hand-operated or electrified or a combination such as an electric hoist with hand power rotation and trolley travel. These types of cranes are widely found in applications like fabrication shops, machine shops, assembly floors, and loading and unloading purposes and can be both outdoor as well as indoor duty

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TechMech Cranes have a strong tradition of being designed and built to provide reliable material handling solutions for our valued domestic and international customers.

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